March 2008

well i did get completely O2C on Friday night (especially after i found out that i didn’t get the job at the children’s activity center, boo!)

I tried to be good with the drinks but people started buying o-bombs and other bombs and even though i kept asking for the sugar free red bull i have no idea if i actually got it. plus i devoured half of a brisket sandwich when i got home. but i hadn’t really had dinner so… i’m calling it “ok”

saturday we did nothing, Bear made biscuits and gravy (i estimate it wasn’t TOO bad for you – mini biscuits were 3 for 150 cals, and i had 4, plus the gravy was just sausage, flour and milk so…) then later i decided i had to eat a lot of trader joe’s mini quiches
so good! 2 are about 150 cals and i probably had like um well 6? 8? 12? SHIT.

then we had ribs for dinner! but i only had a half slab…plus fries… bad call owl, bad call (at least no drinking!)

yesterday i tried to get back on track – ate healthy brekkie of  2 eggs mixed up with a bunch of frozen corn and 1/4 fat free cheddar cheese with two mini biscuits (2=100 cals). then had organic PB&J for lunch. then mad delicious version of rachel ray’s chicken gratin – chopped white meat chicken sauteed with onions, garlic, TONS of frozen peas, plus cayenne pepper and other seasoning, plus fresh flat-leaf parsley and some lime juice with a little cream and a lot of veg. stock to make a sauce. then baked it in a casserole in the oven and served over a minimal amount of egg noodles.It was very tasty – nice and spicy with sweet peas to even it out.

today i’m going to get my first fillings. i’m purdy scared.i just had the last two mini biscuits – one with an egg , the other with PB&J. apparently i won’t be able to eat for a long time afterwards! Wish me luck!  


I thought I’d record this now because it’s Friday and it’s my last day at work and the calories will almost certainly get O2C tonight! (why can’t they make Diet Beer?)

Daily Nutrition (as of 2:30pm)

773 cals (1200-1550 Calories)

110 carbs (163-236 Carbs)

18 g fat (32-56g Fat) 

24 g protein (60-127g Protein)


Probably burned about 160 cals – Walked about a mile or more getting to work, took at least a half mile or more walk around trying to find a place to have lunch with 7 co-workers (ended up at the Nordstrom’s Food Court on Wabash. It was appropriate really since that’s always been our default place and you can fit a large group and it’s fast and everyone’s happy with the choices available) Will definitely be doing more walking around tonight*

Have I mentioned how much i LOVE sushi? The Typhoon cafe at the Nordstorm’s food court is actually unbelievably good considering it’s a mall food court! It’s really fresh and tasty – today I had a spider roll (soft shell crab maki) and a tuna & avocado roll that I watched the chef make just for me!

The key to making sure you’re getting low-cal sushi is to avoid the mayonnaise! so NO “spicy” rolls because that’s almost always mayo mixed with chili sauce. that’s why i got the tuna and avocado instead of the spicy tuna i might usually get – still tasty and kind of creamy/fatty,but much healthier!

Tonight I will try to eat good snacks at happy hour (at the office! my last free drinks from the firm!) and have only the “diet” mixed drinks and not drink too much and not get a greasy snack later when i’m drunk and yeah…

Herb Peterson, an all-American hero, die peacefully at the age of 89 this past Tuesday.

We have Peterson to thank for creating the first-ever breakfast item for McDonalds – the Egg McMuffin. He wanted to create something similar to Eggs Benedict, apparently. And in 1972, the first breakfast item on a McDonald’s menu debuted at a restaurant Peterson co-owned with his son in Santa Barbara, CA.

One man changed the face of fast food and created a new dish – the breakfast sandwich.

Thanks, Herb.

Links to more coverage:
The AP story
The National Post
The Guardian (UK)

McDonald’s Gone Wild: The McNuggitini

What can you do with 2 chicken McNuggets, a tub of McDonalds Brand Barbeque Sauce, a large Mcdonalds Chocolate Milkshake and a bottle of Vanilla Vodka? For Georgia, from The State That I Am In, the answer is: make a McNuggitini.



I am now dying to try this!

It seems that people want to know!

So here are some maps – Richmond St. (incorrectly called Richmond Ave during the challenge) is an intermittent street so it is easy to isolate the few locations where the Block Party could have been.

After looking at the 5 possible locations – I then re-watched the episode looking carefully at the homes and noting that Dale said the vans were heading north. I am fairly certain the the cheftestants’ house is in Lincoln park or the gold coast – so that helped deduce the locale. Also Dale said something in the vans about how they were going towards K-town (Korea town) so that helped as well.

Here are my deductions:

Map #1 – WAY too far south! (and kinda ghetto/artsy/hipster)richmond-st-2rev.png

Map #2 – Still too far south and a bit dodgyrichmond-st-5rev.png

Map #3 – funky little tiny block, right next to the expressway? I don’t think sorichmond-st-1rev.png

Map #4 – this is the area I immediately thought of when I saw the episode (also the neighborhood I mentioned that is near my parents’ house which I am pretty familiar with) This is my top choice – if i had to bet, I’d lay my money down on this one!richmond-st-3rev.png

Map #5 – another VERY strong contender – it’s the furthest north, and relatively affluent (Devon Ave is the main strip for Indian food/stores so it seems like Dale might have mentioned that if they were headed towards it… As a Chicagoan I would have anyway…) My money’s still on Map #4richmond-st-4rev.png

Just my intuition/reasoning/two cents!

UPDATE: Word around the interwebs supports my gut feeling that it is indeed Map #4 (which some people are saying is the Ravenswood neighborhood, but I wouldn’t call it that…)

yesterday was easy because Bear was still gone on a business trip.

so i had a granola bar before my dentists appointment (where i was horrified to find out that i have multiple cavities, have to get my first fillings on monday!)

then for lunch i had leftover chicken pad thai and salad with fat free ranch dressing, and later in the afternoon i had some trail mix i made at home (mostly craisins, raisins and dried cherries with just a small amount of peanuts and choc chips thrown in)

i was pretty hungry when it came time to have dinner, but fortunately i had stopped by the apt the other day and grabbed some of my staple diet foods. so i ignored the rest of the leftover thai food (my dad will eat basically anything no matter how old it is, so he’ll probably have it on sunday after they get back), but I was craving white bread!

So i had 2 boca burger patties on white bread with ketchup and mustard, plus a box of frozen green giant creamed spinach (its 70 cals a serving but the whole box is 2.5 servings so…it’s like 350 cals! but SO YUMMY, and it’s vegetables!)

then later on i had a handful of jelly bellys. Then i got in the car and drive to therapy, then i drove home, craving fast food the whole way. Just as i turned the car off after completing the difficult task of parking in the one-car urban garage, Bear called and asked if i was still willing to pick him up (as i’d offered before) so i sighed and said yes, of course dear, because i really did miss him and it wasn’t that late and i really like the book on CD i’m listening to in the car. but i was still craving fast food! in a weird way i was really just craving the experience of going through the drive-thru and eating in the car while driving! i used to do that a lot and i guess i really like it?! WEIRD! anyway after i picked up Bear I decided that I could treat myself to a Diet Coke. I know, I know, how is that a TREAT?

But i don’t drink caffeine, nor carbonated beverages, so a Diet Coke – especially a fountain drink (always seem extra-syrupy don’t they?) was enough of a different sweet treat for me. And it totally worked!

Except i think the caffeine actually affected me and i had a hard time falling asleep!

Still, a good day overall.

Daily Nutrition

1,383 cals (1200-1550 Calories)

184 carbs (163-236 Carbs)

47 g fat (32-56g Fat) 

66 g protein (60-127g Protein)


Just the usual 2 miles of walking from home to el, from el to work, from work to el and from el to home – but it supposedly does burn about 260 calories!

Bimbo totally mocked me last night as I took notes during Episode 3, but I think they’re rather funny (keep in mind this is two chicks drinking wine and eating Jelly Bellys together)

So I present them to you here verbatim:

Episode 3

I ❤ tacos!

Rick Bayless is a GEEK

You MUST try Nopalitos/Nopales

Manuel-Spanish much?

Lisa – not upscale but tasty (skirt steak IS tough!)

Andrew – NICE (he looks coked up!)

Spike – looks awesome…

Richard – impressive, great plating

Erik – poopy presentation (constantly)

Richard wins everything! Fakely modest

Bimbo giggles, write down that dish so we can go get it at that place (Topolobampo)

Where the HELL are they?!! 
– just say the ‘hood! Driving us crazy!

Spike is growing on me

everyone loves sliders & mini corn dogs

Ryan is a bumbling fool

Velveeta is tricky business

those corn dogs look AWESOME

Spike’s hats just get worse and worse

We cannot get over wondering where this is!!! Richmond Ave paella! wide street

Taco salad – craveable 

LOVE the s’mores lollipos

Because the Red Team is playin and having fun the Blue Team thinks they (the blue team) lost?

“Smart People” movie ad

I like how Rick Bayless implies that he knows how to use Velveeta but Nikki doesn’t

they won for a fuckin sugar/cinnamon coated friend wonton?! LAME

Eve is gonna get shafted for pasta salad

Fuck yeah Andrew! “This is my house!”

Waldorf salad looked nasty

True – someone should have decided that corn dogs were a bad idea b/c of the transport/steam issue


Fucking Ryan can’t do anything right!!! and Zoe made BLAND pasta salad! I’ve been making pasta salad since I was 5! (it didn’t always taste great, but it was certainly NEVER BLAND!)And Erik got shafted b/c he didn’t think about what happens to corn dogs after 2 hrs in the warmer?I call BULLSHIT

(p.s. When they first went to the neighborhood for the block party, I said to Bimbo “that looks like my parents’ ‘hood! the one we’re in right now!” She was skeptical but willing to go along with it. Later we looked up Richmond Ave, which is actually Richmond St., and it is indeed very close to my parents’ house, near the park where i took tennis lessons and went ice-skating as a child. It’s right by the river. So that was REALLY COOL!

p.p.s I think the cheftestants live in Lincoln Park, does anybody agree/disagree/know something I don’t?)

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