last night, Bear made his famous chili and I made cornbread

it was awesome

Bear doesn’t like it when I take pictures of food in restaurants, nor at home really either – he thinks its embarrassing or weird i guess

(btdubs, this will be a recurring theme because Bear’s family is VERY concerned with acting and appearing normal in public whereas I was raised to ignore other people’s opinions to the point of much shame… so it’s a balancing act between us)

Anyway here are a pics of two delicious meals i’ve had recently

My first whole lobster (followed only a week later by my second)lobsteryumanon.jpg

 (sorry you can’t see my shit-eating grin but i want to stay truly anonymous)

An awesome dish at Think, a contemporary Italian restaurant – this is grouper with Israeli couscous, an awesome pineapple citrus curry-like sauce, lots of herbs, some steamed baby veg, and a lovely lobster claw on top (it was soooo good, i had a When Harry Met Sally type response, lucky for Bear he wasn’t there to be embarrassed)