So it’s Episode 2 of Top Chef tonight, and they just happen to be in my favorite city this season (okay, anonymity aside, i was born and raised and may never live anywhere other than Chicago)

i love television, especially reality television – and my biggest hobby is avoiding doing work at my soul-sucking corporate job by watching TV online (,,,, and are all grat places to watch full NEW episodes online)

HOWEVER, Bravo shows are near and dear to me so I make sure to watch them on the actual television – i carve out time in my schedule to specifically watch them (i’m a full-time grad student as well as a full-time employee so it’s quite a feat)

 Top Chef stole my heart a long time ago, i was dubious that anything could overtake my love of Project Runway, but the food just gets me!

So here’s my take on this season cheftestants:

(pics/info taken from

 Andrew: talks a lot of smack, reminds me of Howie a little, seems to think he’s pretty hardcore, i’m guessing a mid-season off-ing, perhaps during a team challenge because he doesn’t seem too cooperative

FAVORITE SIMPLE SPRING RECIPE: Diced strawberries, mango, tomato, cucumber, and jicama. Thai dressing (sugar, lime juice, fish sauce and siracha). Thai basil and mint chiffonade. – MEH, not really that simple, is it?

 Antonia: not too memorable from the premiere, impressive resume at Spago, pretty woman, i have high hopes!

FAVORITE SIMPLE SPRING RECIPE: Baby beets with bouchon goat cheese and marcona almonds – Sounds fantastic, and really is simple!

 Dale: gotta love the faux-hawk, i expect good soundbytes, this season’s Hung but more genial, i’d bet he makes it to the final 4 or 5, go Chi-town!

FAVORITE SIMPLE SPRING RECIPE: Grilled matsutake mushrooms, shaved myoga, spicy truffled ponzu – Um…huh? could be tasty i have no idea, but it is only 3 ingredients, and last season the judges dogged Hung about not showing his Asian flavors so… we’ll see

 Erik: I love him! love the tats, love the ‘tude, just love it all – unfortunately i doubt he’ll make it very far, just a hunch from a seasoned reality tv watcher

FAVORITE SIMPLE SPRING RECIPE: Spring lamb with fresh spring garlic – simple and delish, you can cook lamb for me anytime anywhere Erik!

 Jennifer: OK, the big “drama potential” of this season – one of the lezzie couple. Nice ‘hawk, unimpressed otherwise, she’ll be the first half of the couple to go and it will be soon (sorry sweetie!)

FAVORITE SIMPLE SPRING RECIPE: Spring Lamb’s tongue salad, sauce Dragnocello, Mache, olive oil croutons, and mustard fruit – Another HUH? dish and doesn’t seem really simple or tasty (what the hell is mustard fruit?)… maybe this is a good companion dish to Zoi’s lamb? 😛

My takes on the rest of the chefs coming soon!