It’s like DoubleDare for Dads!

I kinda dig it, plus they have a bunch of episodes online for me to watch at work. it’s cheesy and kinda funny and mostly bland.

HOWEVER, there’s this one thing that keeps annoying me! And I just have to get it out!

So, each episode begins with 4 teams of a Dad and their kid – usually around 8 years old. then there are 5 challenges. no one goes home in the first, then one team is out after each challenge. the challenges are pretty good, sometimes the kid has a job to do, sometimes not.

the thrid-place team (second team eliminated) gets a consolation prize – an XBOX 360!



Seriously? an XBOX? R u kidding?

Why not a brand new set of encyclopedias? or an Apple II? or a chess set?

How low budget is this show?!!!

Am I right?

p.s. also, the last challenge is to test the Dad’s bravery and usually involves scorpions or snakes – and they let the Dads get stung/bit!!! it’s a little weird/scary!