Richard: I’m not sure why but I love Richard! Maybe it’s that he manages to use the “molecular gastronomy” stuff in a fun and not obnoxious way (*cough, Marcel, cough*). Also he reminds me of last season’s Dale a little bit. Plus I really dig ras el hanout, although using it in 2 episodes in a row was risky, i can’t wait to see what he does next!

FAVORITE SIMPLE SPRING RECIPE: Lamb meatballs with rhubarb & strawberry – DIG IT

 Ryan: seems like a sweet guy, and he’s into charity work which i dig, but i’m not sure if he has the chops. he seems like he can’t handle the stress of the competition. But i think he’ll coast through a few more competitions, since there are some clearly arrogant fools (ahem, Spike) who will probably shoot themselves in the foot first.

FAVORITE SIMPLE SPRING RECIPE: Chilled spring pea soup with Strauss yogurt and dill cucumbers – MEH, cold soup ain’t my thang, and what’s with the brand-dropping?

 Spike: SO OBNOXIOUS, “i’m going to enjoy the market because it will like enrich my soul” BLECH! i dig live music and all but it’s an effing competition dude! plus, stop showing off for the cameras that you’re the “cool guy” and get rid of that hat. you remind me of Ilan! GRRR!!! (phew, i feel better now)

FAVORITE SIMPLE SPRING RECIPE: Lamb or Pig. A good Greek SPOOL lamb (salt, pepper, olive oil and lemon) on a spit. – Um… yeah… OK… whatever…

 Stephanie: LOVE HER! love the hair, love her restaurant (Scylla), love the chill factor, love it. unfortunate about the probs with her crab salad in ep.2 but the banana bread looked friggin sweet. (peeved at the whole Gorilla team for adding meat to the menu – don’t caterers traditionally have vegetarian options? don’t you think a lot of animal-lovers, like the people who work at the ZOO, might be veg-heads? DUH!)

FAVORITE SIMPLE SPRING RECIPE: Anything with green garlic such as gnocchi with clams, white asparagus and green garlic – i do love green garlic, and gnocchi and clams and asparagus – yep, love it all!

 Valerie: Poor Valerie, i think she got shafted, but she was getting the loser’s edit early in the episode. but she didn’t make the best choices either. her quickfire dish looked amazing! But cold blinis? yuck. And really, what do black olives have to do with gorillas? i wish she’d stood up to the other chicas and demanded to go meatless! Chicago still loves ya, babe!

FAVORITE SIMPLE SPRING RECIPE: Pork pot stickers – YUM! oh yeah, she’s a Chicago gal – meat wrapped in dough, can’t go wrong!

 Zoi: Part 2 of the lezzie couple. hate the way she spells her name. and it was weird to see them being couple-ish but not … i wonder how they defined “staying professional” before they left?

Anyway i think she has more potential than her mate, but her quickfire dish looked like slop on a plate. and i’m sure the lamb meatball was tasty – but it looked a little like a turd to me too!

FAVORITE SIMPLE SPRING RECIPE: Roasted baby California lamb with artichokes, spring onions, lemon and rosemary – Why California lamb? sounds pretty good though.

Alright, my critiques of the contestant are done. keep looking for episode recaps/commentary in the future!