Lisa: I dig her style, but i’m still on the fence. i like what she’s done so far.

FAVORITE SIMPLE SPRING RECIPE: Chili rubbed lamb with strawberry-rhubarb jam, balsamic reduction and fresh mint – Sounds delish, don’t it? i’m a big fan of fruits with bold meats like lamb

 Manuel: MEH

FAVORITE SIMPLE SPRING RECIPE: Crispy soft shell crabs with charred ramp vinaigrette – On the other hand this sounds FAB

 Mark: I find him really annoying – how does he manage to make that accent so-not-cool?! interesting take on food so far, but he’s just too pretentious

FAVORITE SIMPLE SPRING RECIPE: Roast New Zealand venison, minted edamame, wee fella Yorkshire pudding and espresso hollandaise. – Not simple at all, and espresso hollandaise sounds gross to me.

 Nikki: I like her, and her lasagna from episode 1 looked awesome, but those mushrooms did look like turds last night (incidentally during last season’s hor d’oeuvres challenge on the boat someone made an appetizer that looked like turds too! is there something about hor d’oeuvres that lend themselves to looking like poops? i guess it’s the size…)

I really hope Nikki pulls it together because I love her strong ‘tude and the Italian-mama thing.

FAVORITE SIMPLE SPRING RECIPE: Fresh English peas with shallot, grape tomatoes, pecorino cheese and fresh mint – simple and beautiful, can’t you just picture the colors and flavors being perfect?

 Nimma: They gave her the loser’s edit from the very beginning. she struck me as awkward, sheltered and i just couldn’t figure out why she’d even want to be on the show. Plus her youth worked against her i think.

FAVORITE SIMPLE SPRING RECIPE: Grilled freshly caught fish with some amazing olive oil and sea salt – OK…simple enough i guess, but almost too simple? I’m confused

Top Chefs, Part 3 coming soon!!!