It looks kind of fun on TV… except in Bridezilla, or if you’re a wedding planner…i guess

i mean, i knew i’d get stressed out and probably yell at my mom a few times. and have the occasional freakout about who’s coming and where they’re staying and how fat i am, etc…

but here we are, no ring exchanged, no date even approximated, and probably not actually getting married until like august/september 2009 at the earliest – and WE’RE ALREADY ARGUING!!!

i’m not really surprised, part of why we’re in love is because we’re both argumentative and stubborn

but damn.

so i have already resigned myself to the fact that we’ll probably have around 300 guests and that really is just with the essentials. big families and lots of friends, and i don’t know how other people do smaller anyway!

I got to 50 with just MY parents, grand-parents, aunts and uncles and first cousins plus one great-aunt and great-uncle and 6 first cousins once removed (and minus one aunt and uncle for good reason), then 30 close family friends and childhood peeps, then 60 high school and college people (including friends, a prof or 2, and Bro’s family) = 140 people! Plus i’m sure my parents will want to add a lot more “church friends” to the list! i know they won’t all come but Bear has at least that many to invite and many more, since i tried to be very discriminating about who to invite and he will be more excessive about it.

So, the bride’s parents are supposed to pay for the wedding right? YEAH – my parents are CHEAP!

My dad seriously suggested that I try to do my wedding for under $2,000! In Chicago! I told him to start saving up because it was going to be around $30,000

BUT Bear says it should be at least $50,000!!! and he has all these opinions! NO DIY flower arrangements, no DJ – has to be a band, no DIY cake, probably no DIY anything

SO now i’m freaking out that he wants to have some boring run-of-the-mill fancy wedding, when i want it to be unique, quirky, and have some real flavor! i want prairie grasses/flowers as the decor because i love nature and the town where he grew up and i went to school is on the prairie! and i like to DIY! it’s fun! i love crafts! plus then you get exactly what you want! and i want to just nix the favors because they’re stupid! BUT Bear loves tradition – “it’s tradition” “well, that is the custom Owl” “well I know you were raised by wolves, but this is how PEOPLE do it, babe” GRRRR, i’m sick of this wedding already!!!

I bet he spends more on his tux than I do on my dress!

Is it just me or is that an insane amount of money? I’ll never be able to get my parents to cough up that much!