(but to be fair, i was a little stoned when i had it)

the Hopleaf is an amzing bar/restaurant in the Andersonville neighborhood of chi-town. They have a phenomenal selection of beers, and really awesome frites, and this sandwich which blew my mind

Here’s their description from the menu:

CB&J: on sourdough; house-made cashew butter, fig jam & morbier cheese, pan-fried

IT’S PRETERNATURALLY TASTY! The morbier cheese is soft and melty, but the cashew butter and fig jame maintain their original textures and they all combine with the crusty cripsy bread to make just an outstanding morself!

i’ve tried to re-create it at home with more humble ingredients, but no kind of peanut butter nor any traditional jam can stand up to the pan-frying. My theory is that the cashew butter is made with less oil and the fig jam is essentially just figs in a blender so it’s not really juicy or sweet.

If you like brie cheese, and if you enjoy a good cheese plate that includes (dried) fruits and nuts – then you will like this sandwich!

If you can make it happen, you must try it – oh and get the Belgian-style mussels with frites and aioli on the side, you won’t regret it!

p.s. this is a spontaneous endorsement because i LOVE this sandwich, the Hopleaf is not involved at all