but for a month or more i’ve been having experiences that feel like what i guess are panic attacks

every friday afternoon around 4:30/5:00pm i start to feel flushed, have a little trouble breathing, shaking, dizzy, and usually nauseous

sometime i even throw up

why only on Fridays?

Usually i have plans on fridays right after work – something social like happy hour in the office, or meeting friends for dinner and drinks, or a date with Bear, or even going to my parents’ – very rarely do i go home and chill out.

So is this the beginning of some kind of social disorder? I am usually classified as an extrovert, sometimes to the extreme, but i come from a family of mostly awkward introverts and i have that in my nature as well

the only other explanation i can come up with is to blame my Nicotine nasal spray – it’s a prescription smoking cessation aid that i started using when i quit smoking a few months ago (and it’s incredibly addictive)

i wonder if i use it more on fridays esp. friday afternoons without realizing it?

i don’t know, anyway i’m off to happy hour panic attack or not!