so last night i managed to ruin grilled cheese sandwiches – 1) i put butter on the inside and the outside of the sandwich which apparently created too much moisture for it to get cripsy and 2) the cheese was really off (we’re house/cat-sitting for my parents and i didn’t know how old it was, there was no mold!)

this morning i FINALLY managed to make Bear’s eggs the way he likes them (majorly over-hard with lots of black pepper, its so hard for me to cook them long enough to completely set the yolk, it just seems so unnatural! i like my yolks super-runny) BUT i also oversalted them!

The funny thing is, I do this all the time – I manage to screw up simple easy dishes in new ways BUT I am awesome at cooking for events – parties, baby showers, Thanksgiving, Christmas & Eve…

So I’m posting some pics from those events to make myself feel better about the moldy cheese sammies and the salty eggs

(below) Carving my first Roast Beast (Christmas 2007):

Below: the best vegetarian winter holiday main dish ever! I got it from the Traveler’s Lunchbox, and tweaked it a bit, I serve it almost every holiday now because my brother and sister-in-law are vegetarians and the whole family loves it! –

It’s roasted sweet potatoes with a yummy feta salad on top (i used feta, bell peppers, cilantro, grape tomatoes, black olives, red onion, olive oil, and spices – the original recipe is pretty spicy for your average Midwestern palate so I added the tomatoes to sweeten it up and i also serve it with an optional dollop of sour cream)

Below: The Christmas Table 2007

(back to front): Roast Beast, corn casserole, tasty sweet potatoes with feta salad, broccoli, awesome horseradish sauce, and super Waldorf-esque salad

Below: My first turkey (thanksgiving 2006) –

yep that’s my hand

Below: The first thanksgiving meal I cooked on my own

That’s Mashed Potatoes from the Pioneer Woman Cooks, awesome sweet potatoes a la my mom, Alton Brown’s Roast Turkey, Paula Deen’s Fried Corn, brussels sprouts with bacon a la Me, and the best stuffing ever with brown bread sage and sausage and chestnuts from! (this was also not long after I got really into foodie blogs!)