went out friday night with a bunch of friends

started at happy hour with my current best friend (a.k.a. Refried Bean) and her boyfriend (a.k.a. TusNovios) (who is also my ex! long story…) they got to see the office and have a couple free drinks. i was all packed up and ready to leave for MI, but we weren’t going until saturday morning. so we parked the cars near TusNovios’ house, his parents are out-of-town, and got stoned. then we hopped in a cab and got some seriously awesome sushi in this really tiny tiny restaurant (Green Tea Japanese Restaurant)

I’m not kidding, it was amazingly good – and inexpensive!

Then we went to Parrots, our usual dive-y hangout, and met up with a couple more people. There’s a free pool table and free dart board in the back room – i love games, esp. when i’m drinking! i think RefriedBean and TusNovios and I may have a joint birthday party there soon, they have the same bday and mine is not too long after.

Then we went to alive one which is a sweet jam band bar on Halsted – it was nice to walk a few blocks in the snow. we usually just stay at one place all night. there i ran into Pellegrino, a best friend of Workaholic, who i’ve met several times and we always get along. but he was totally wasted and it was awkward. i should have just said hi and then gone to another part of the bar but i was drunk and sitting on a bar stool and i just didn’t leave.

then we cabbed it back to TusNovios’ and i crashed in their very nice guest room in the basement. I really love those two people!

Next morning, hungover, i managed to get up almost as early as we’d planned. took a nice shower and Refried Bean was up when i went to leave and she made sure i took a water bottle. Broke one of the scrapers while trying to find my parents’ car under a pile of snow. eventually got on the road. stopped at a BK for breakfast. got a little lost on my way to my Bro&Sis’ but got there eventually. had awesome road trip with SillyMama and baby.

Got to my grandparents’, fully recovered by now, dove into making easter baskets for younger cousins, playing games with them, eating pizza with lots of relatives, had a wonderful night all around.

of course on sunday everyone was stressed and it was kind of a bummer. plus my grandparents’ church had a REALLY long service and then my aunt had us all over for a big meal and they have a distemper-survivor-cat who is hilariously awesome!

finally we got on the road, and baby slept almost all the way back which was a miracle. i think being in the car with SillyMama and baby, talking and singing and stuff, was my favorite part of the weekend.

finally got home to Bear who welcomed me with open arms and a quickly-opened fly 😉

we drove around the neighborhood looking for a KFC, found one, watched Coupling on DVD and then we both crashed early.

all in all – great weekend!