Well Twiggy was definitely the highlight of Easter and the trip. my aunts are such bitches!
i want to hear all about student-teaching, and you MUST feel free to call me and rant and whine and talk about everything, ok?
sorry we didn’t talk last night, i was at a paid market research thingy and then Bear was demanding all my attention!
OMG, I got my substitute teaching certificate yesterday!!! now i just have to get registered with CPS and I can start!!!
i have 4 days left of work, and i have a dermatologists apt. today, a job interview tonight, and a dentist appt tomorrow morning – gotta use that insurance while i have it! and load up on freebies from the dr’s offices! i’m gonna be shameless and beg for all kinds of free samples and extra toothbrushes and anything i can get!
also, i have to sing a children’s song at the job interview tonight – i’m thinking Frere Jacques, or “Doe a Deer…” from the Sound of Music, or This Land Is My Land, or Au Clair De La Lune (a popular French lullaby)
any thoughts on which one to do?
have a great day!