actually, my main goal is exercising, more than dieting. but i will be dieting too.


this sounds so simple but it’s hard for me – i’m very lethargic and lazy. i like sitting and reclining and relaxing. i almost never get bored of watching TV. i can sit on my ass all day, never leave the house/apt and be completely entertained.

about a year ago i lost over 20 pounds by counting/restricting calories, and working out. i felt great. i don’t know how it got away from me but it did. i gained it all back slowly and now i have started to gain more.

BUT i refuse to wear larger clothes, and i refuse to let myself go like this. I am in control of what i eat.

so i’m going to start over.

I have signed up for a new account on (username barred.owl) – it’s a great FREE site for keeping a food diary and getting low-cal recipes and talking to other dieters. It worked for me before and I learned a lot about calorie-counting and how to estimate/memorize the amount of calories in different foods and proper serving sizes.

i also have a few workout things – a tony little Gazelle that i got off craigslist last august which i enjoy doing while watching TV online, a couple 10-minute dance aerobics DVDs, and Dance Dance Revolution on the Xbox.

(Btdubs, i am not just a huge fat lump! i have been trying to maintain some healthy habits like eating just fresh fruit or a small oatmeal packet for breakfast, eating smaller portion sizes for lunch, cutting out all carbonated beverages, i don’t drink caffeinated beverages either, and my normal daily routine involves over a mile of walking…and i quit smoking 3 months ago!)

i’ll certainly be talking about this process and keeping you all informed of the progress. i’m really determined to do this! (but i will keep posting about a wide variety of stuff)

Starting stats:

Height: 5’6″

Weight: 235 lbs

BMI: 38 (over 30 is considered obese)


Get to 185 lbs by September 15th, 2008