because I was looking up wedding dresses online! I have known for quite soem time that I’d like to get my wedding dress specially made just for me, so I was really just looking for inspiration.

I’ve always loved Pride & Prejudice (the A&E version, and the book) so I thought I’d start by looking up fashions from that era.

I found this picture and fell in love with it – love the empire waist, love the sleeves, love the sheer embroidered overlay on the skirt


Then I found the following little number and it seemed pretty close, but I want a fuller skirt.


Then I found the below and I gasped – could it be? had i found THE ONE?

It manages to be elegant, yet hippie-ish, fancy but natural, and it looks like it would even cover my back tattoo¬†– it’s perfect! (except i don’t love the split in the middle of the overskirt, and the sleeves are a bit too bell-like for my tastes)

If it had smaller cap sleeves with a bit of pouf to them, and a bit more of a train in the back, possibly without the split in the middle of the skirt – then this would be THE ONE


Then I saw this little number and my heart skipped another beat – no split in the middle of the skirt, smaller sleeves, interesting neckline, GORGEOUS embroidery!