had “lower sugar” oatmeal packet for brekkie, half of leftover spinach and cheese lasagna for lunch plus a strawberry-banana V8 Fusion for lunch, then went to group job interview at a children’s gym/activity center which i think i totally ROCKED!, then had to trek to my apt to pick up the car left there by Bear who suddenly went out of town for work.

Was so happy after awesome job interview that considered “rewarding” myself with fast food or some such thing, especially since i usually have no vehicle and do not get to go through the drive-thru much at all. Also considered going to new fav sushi place (Greentea Japanese Restaurant) and getting takeout. But resisted, combination of diet and overall CHEAPness really – i am leaving my job and so i do need to be frugal. (plus it’s much easier to be frugal and healthy when i’m eating alone so i figured i’d save the “celebrating” until Bear was back). 

So munched on a handful of almonds and some pumpkin seeds in the car to hold me over til i got home. I felt pretty good about my dinner: one KFC extra crispy thigh, a big salad with low fat ginger vinaigrette, the heel of a loaf of white bread with a scraping of margarine. Then i added up my calories and felt awesome so i had 2 oreos and a small glass of milk.

It was a good day.

Daily Nutrition

1480 cals (1200-1550 Calories)

169 carbs (163-236 Carbs)

66 g fat (32-56g Fat) 😦

55 g protein (60-127g Protein)


I did a lot of extra walking – 1 mile roundtrip to/from dermatologist’s, 1 mile roundtrip to/from eL stop to job interview, .5 mile from eL to car

I usually estimate that my regular city-walking pace is about a 21 min/mi – so that all adds up to about 52 minutes of walking at that pace; which burned about 260 calories; which is pretty close to my target of burning 272 calories 5 days a week