Bimbo totally mocked me last night as I took notes during Episode 3, but I think they’re rather funny (keep in mind this is two chicks drinking wine and eating Jelly Bellys together)

So I present them to you here verbatim:

Episode 3

I ❤ tacos!

Rick Bayless is a GEEK

You MUST try Nopalitos/Nopales

Manuel-Spanish much?

Lisa – not upscale but tasty (skirt steak IS tough!)

Andrew – NICE (he looks coked up!)

Spike – looks awesome…

Richard – impressive, great plating

Erik – poopy presentation (constantly)

Richard wins everything! Fakely modest

Bimbo giggles, write down that dish so we can go get it at that place (Topolobampo)

Where the HELL are they?!! 
– just say the ‘hood! Driving us crazy!

Spike is growing on me

everyone loves sliders & mini corn dogs

Ryan is a bumbling fool

Velveeta is tricky business

those corn dogs look AWESOME

Spike’s hats just get worse and worse

We cannot get over wondering where this is!!! Richmond Ave paella! wide street

Taco salad – craveable 

LOVE the s’mores lollipos

Because the Red Team is playin and having fun the Blue Team thinks they (the blue team) lost?

“Smart People” movie ad

I like how Rick Bayless implies that he knows how to use Velveeta but Nikki doesn’t

they won for a fuckin sugar/cinnamon coated friend wonton?! LAME

Eve is gonna get shafted for pasta salad

Fuck yeah Andrew! “This is my house!”

Waldorf salad looked nasty

True – someone should have decided that corn dogs were a bad idea b/c of the transport/steam issue


Fucking Ryan can’t do anything right!!! and Zoe made BLAND pasta salad! I’ve been making pasta salad since I was 5! (it didn’t always taste great, but it was certainly NEVER BLAND!)And Erik got shafted b/c he didn’t think about what happens to corn dogs after 2 hrs in the warmer?I call BULLSHIT

(p.s. When they first went to the neighborhood for the block party, I said to Bimbo “that looks like my parents’ ‘hood! the one we’re in right now!” She was skeptical but willing to go along with it. Later we looked up Richmond Ave, which is actually Richmond St., and it is indeed very close to my parents’ house, near the park where i took tennis lessons and went ice-skating as a child. It’s right by the river. So that was REALLY COOL!

p.p.s I think the cheftestants live in Lincoln Park, does anybody agree/disagree/know something I don’t?)