(or: Thai food is SO good!)

Daily Nutrition

1,762 cals (1200-1550 Calories) (

257 carbs (163-236 Carbs) (

52 g fat (32-56g Fat) 

67 g protein (60-127g Protein)


NONE (((

Yesterday was a confusing day. Bear had left suddenly on Wednesday for a business trip thing, so I was all alone on Thursday morning. I don’t know exactly what happened and I’m ashamed to talk about it. I SHOULD have woken up early and either taken the eL straight there, or driven to work, parked in the lot by my office and then walked to my dentist appt with plenty of time to get there by 9am.

Instead I slept a bit late, dithered around in a fog for a bit, then tried to drive to my dentist appt. This dentist is on Michigan Ave where there is zero parking!!! Then I drove around like an idiot for quite some time sort of looking for parking, but not really. By the time I finally was over 15 minutes late to the appt. I drove to the parking garage near my office, just late enough to miss the “early bird/all day” special (which meant it cost me $25 to park there all day instead of like $16). Then I called the dentist and made up some lie about why I couldn’t make it.

Then I started calling all the closest dentists to my office who are in-network for my insurance trying to get an appointment for thursday or friday. I finally got one (which i found out this morning is actually the same dentist I saw the last time I went, but I had forgotten who it was)

(UNFORTUNATELY, I just found out that I have multiple CAVITIES!!! More than one!!! like 3 or 4!!! I don’t understand!!! I quit smoking three months ago and this is my reward?!!! CAVIfuckinTIES?!!!

I try to be optimistic, to think “well at least i went in and they did x-rays and caught them” and “at least i’ll be able to get fillings while i’m still covered by insurance”

but FUCK, you know?)

Anyway, then I felt I had to somehow justify bringing the car to work, so I decided to pack up my whole office and bring everything home. That made me feel better.

Until I realized how much SHIT i have accumulated in this office over the last 2 years!

Plus I was feeling kind of lonely, it’s hard when you’re so used to living with other people – roomies, bfs, fam – to realize that you have NO plans and you could do almost ANYTHING. It’s totally daunting.

So I got my friend Blondie from work to help me carry all my shit to the car in the parking garage and then come home with me to watch Top Chef (she doesn’t have Bravo so she needed to watch the previous 2 to get caught up).

Then I realized I had nothing in the house to serve to a normal person, I’ve been eating weird meals to avoid spending money/consuming calories but now I had a guest.

So I suggested we order Thai food. There’s a great place super-close to my parents’ house, we walked a few blocks to pick it up so I felt good about that. It would have been fine EXCEPT for the crab rangooon. and the FREE egg rolls.

If I had just had the small serving of chicken pad thai (they have a very light hand with the chicken so it’s mostly noodles and tofu and egg) and the even smaller serving of the beef and broccoli in peanut sauce over white rice (i picked out just broccoli and a few small pieces of beef on a 3/4 cup rice) – then everything would have been FINE.

But NO – I had the egg roll (170 cals, 25 carbs) and the crab rangoon (200+ cals, 23 carbs) ANd that’s what put me over the line! (Or I could have had both the egg roll and the crab rangoon but not the two handfuls of Jelly Belly beans while watching TV!!!)


These are my decisions, I am in control, I will make good choices!