yesterday was easy because Bear was still gone on a business trip.

so i had a granola bar before my dentists appointment (where i was horrified to find out that i have multiple cavities, have to get my first fillings on monday!)

then for lunch i had leftover chicken pad thai and salad with fat free ranch dressing, and later in the afternoon i had some trail mix i made at home (mostly craisins, raisins and dried cherries with just a small amount of peanuts and choc chips thrown in)

i was pretty hungry when it came time to have dinner, but fortunately i had stopped by the apt the other day and grabbed some of my staple diet foods. so i ignored the rest of the leftover thai food (my dad will eat basically anything no matter how old it is, so he’ll probably have it on sunday after they get back), but I was craving white bread!

So i had 2 boca burger patties on white bread with ketchup and mustard, plus a box of frozen green giant creamed spinach (its 70 cals a serving but the whole box is 2.5 servings so…it’s like 350 cals! but SO YUMMY, and it’s vegetables!)

then later on i had a handful of jelly bellys. Then i got in the car and drive to therapy, then i drove home, craving fast food the whole way. Just as i turned the car off after completing the difficult task of parking in the one-car urban garage, Bear called and asked if i was still willing to pick him up (as i’d offered before) so i sighed and said yes, of course dear, because i really did miss him and it wasn’t that late and i really like the book on CD i’m listening to in the car. but i was still craving fast food! in a weird way i was really just craving the experience of going through the drive-thru and eating in the car while driving! i used to do that a lot and i guess i really like it?! WEIRD! anyway after i picked up Bear I decided that I could treat myself to a Diet Coke. I know, I know, how is that a TREAT?

But i don’t drink caffeine, nor carbonated beverages, so a Diet Coke – especially a fountain drink (always seem extra-syrupy don’t they?) was enough of a different sweet treat for me. And it totally worked!

Except i think the caffeine actually affected me and i had a hard time falling asleep!

Still, a good day overall.

Daily Nutrition

1,383 cals (1200-1550 Calories)

184 carbs (163-236 Carbs)

47 g fat (32-56g Fat) 

66 g protein (60-127g Protein)


Just the usual 2 miles of walking from home to el, from el to work, from work to el and from el to home – but it supposedly does burn about 260 calories!