I thought I’d record this now because it’s Friday and it’s my last day at work and the calories will almost certainly get O2C tonight! (why can’t they make Diet Beer?)

Daily Nutrition (as of 2:30pm)

773 cals (1200-1550 Calories)

110 carbs (163-236 Carbs)

18 g fat (32-56g Fat) 

24 g protein (60-127g Protein)


Probably burned about 160 cals – Walked about a mile or more getting to work, took at least a half mile or more walk around trying to find a place to have lunch with 7 co-workers (ended up at the Nordstrom’s Food Court on Wabash. It was appropriate really since that’s always been our default place and you can fit a large group and it’s fast and everyone’s happy with the choices available) Will definitely be doing more walking around tonight*

Have I mentioned how much i LOVE sushi? The Typhoon cafe at the Nordstorm’s food court is actually unbelievably good considering it’s a mall food court! It’s really fresh and tasty – today I had a spider roll (soft shell crab maki) and a tuna & avocado roll that I watched the chef make just for me!

The key to making sure you’re getting low-cal sushi is to avoid the mayonnaise! so NO “spicy” rolls because that’s almost always mayo mixed with chili sauce. that’s why i got the tuna and avocado instead of the spicy tuna i might usually get – still tasty and kind of creamy/fatty,but much healthier!

Tonight I will try to eat good snacks at happy hour (at the office! my last free drinks from the firm!) and have only the “diet” mixed drinks and not drink too much and not get a greasy snack later when i’m drunk and yeah…