It seems that people want to know!

So here are some maps – Richmond St. (incorrectly called Richmond Ave during the challenge) is an intermittent street so it is easy to isolate the few locations where the Block Party could have been.

After looking at the 5 possible locations – I then re-watched the episode looking carefully at the homes and noting that Dale said the vans were heading north. I am fairly certain the the cheftestants’ house is in Lincoln park or the gold coast – so that helped deduce the locale. Also Dale said something in the vans about how they were going towards K-town (Korea town) so that helped as well.

Here are my deductions:

Map #1 – WAY too far south! (and kinda ghetto/artsy/hipster)richmond-st-2rev.png

Map #2 – Still too far south and a bit dodgyrichmond-st-5rev.png

Map #3 – funky little tiny block, right next to the expressway? I don’t think sorichmond-st-1rev.png

Map #4 – this is the area I immediately thought of when I saw the episode (also the neighborhood I mentioned that is near my parents’ house which I am pretty familiar with) This is my top choice – if i had to bet, I’d lay my money down on this one!richmond-st-3rev.png

Map #5 – another VERY strong contender – it’s the furthest north, and relatively affluent (Devon Ave is the main strip for Indian food/stores so it seems like Dale might have mentioned that if they were headed towards it… As a Chicagoan I would have anyway…) My money’s still on Map #4richmond-st-4rev.png

Just my intuition/reasoning/two cents!

UPDATE: Word around the interwebs supports my gut feeling that it is indeed Map #4 (which some people are saying is the Ravenswood neighborhood, but I wouldn’t call it that…)