well i did get completely O2C on Friday night (especially after i found out that i didn’t get the job at the children’s activity center, boo!)

I tried to be good with the drinks but people started buying o-bombs and other bombs and even though i kept asking for the sugar free red bull i have no idea if i actually got it. plus i devoured half of a brisket sandwich when i got home. but i hadn’t really had dinner so… i’m calling it “ok”

saturday we did nothing, Bear made biscuits and gravy (i estimate it wasn’t TOO bad for you – mini biscuits were 3 for 150 cals, and i had 4, plus the gravy was just sausage, flour and milk so…) then later i decided i had to eat a lot of trader joe’s mini quiches
so good! 2 are about 150 cals and i probably had like um well 6? 8? 12? SHIT.

then we had ribs for dinner! but i only had a half slab…plus fries… bad call owl, bad call (at least no drinking!)

yesterday i tried to get back on track – ate healthy brekkie of  2 eggs mixed up with a bunch of frozen corn and 1/4 fat free cheddar cheese with two mini biscuits (2=100 cals). then had organic PB&J for lunch. then mad delicious version of rachel ray’s chicken gratin – chopped white meat chicken sauteed with onions, garlic, TONS of frozen peas, plus cayenne pepper and other seasoning, plus fresh flat-leaf parsley and some lime juice with a little cream and a lot of veg. stock to make a sauce. then baked it in a casserole in the oven and served over a minimal amount of egg noodles.It was very tasty – nice and spicy with sweet peas to even it out.

today i’m going to get my first fillings. i’m purdy scared.i just had the last two mini biscuits – one with an egg , the other with PB&J. apparently i won’t be able to eat for a long time afterwards! Wish me luck!