the fillings were NOT fun. she had to give me lots of shots to get me numb and so my face is still swollen and achy.

my mom picked me up from the dentist and she was SO hungry but i really couldn’t eat so… i suggested we go to Costco, yay! best place ever! so we “had lunch” at Costco, gotta love the samples. also got my mom to buy me new sports bras, camisoles, sporty socks, mega-pack of chapsticks, 4 pack of shaving gels, plus a huge box of Boca burgers, 2 heads of living lettuce, a crate of clementine oranges, mega pack of thomas’ multi-grain lite english muffins, and avocados.
she’s kind of a soft touch when it comes to giving me what i want – especially when i ask for healthy things (and when i’m unemployed!)

foodwise it was an “eh” day – 2 mini-biscuits (100 cals) plus an egg, 1 tbsp natural PB and a little jelly, snacks at costco (negligible), some baguette with butter, 6 pieces of sushi (a little tuna and lettuce with miso sauce), some fritos with salsa, and then well, then i let Bear bring home McDonalds – i had 2 cheeseburgers and a small fries. so um yeah…

today i’m going to the CPS substitute office with all my documentation to get registered to be a substitute teacher! woohoo! i hope that process goes fast!

i’m also going to take my first opportunity to explore my grad school’s campus, to go to the main office and meet people and ask questions, to find out if i can use the gym, and to learn the rules of the computer lab (important because i don’t have a printer hooked up at home right now).
i feel really good about taking more control of my education, i’ll have no excuses this term so i MUST excel.
i also have my first class of the quarter tonight (the second is tomorrow).
also this week i hope to figure out what English classes i need to take and what to take this summer at one of the city colleges to fulfill those requirements.

early friday morning we leave for our trip! i’m SO excited!

and tomorrow is new Top Chef and from what i hear it’s going to be a VERY interesting episode!

oh yeah, and i need to get a job. i don’t have any deep reflections on unemployment yet – except to say that it’s pretty scary. as of today i officially no longer have insurance (which i’m going to change today! gotta have it!) the uncertainty of the future is just NOT for me – i’m so glad i don’t feel compelled to be a starving artist because i would most certainly go mad a la van gogh. so babysitting/nannying here i come! … until i find something better that is! (do they use substitutes during the summer?)