i think i may have over-reacted about the whole “friend(s) finding my blog” thing
sorry about that…

anyway i lied before -i didn’t do all those things today

i did: go to class, apply for insurance, apply for a nanny job, and take care of some business from last quarter
so tomorrow i MUST:go to CPS substitute office and get registered AND apply for more jobs AND hopefully meet with an adviser about English courses etc…

why didn’t i do all the things i said i’d do? i got stuck in some kind of bed vortex where i just didn’t want to leave! Bear took the day off of work and there was an America’s Next Top Model marathon on MTV (Eva Diva and Ann-the-man, my second favorite season – the first season/cycle is my favorite because i just love the whole Elyse/Robin heathen/hypocrite dynamic! although has anyone else noticed that Tyra pretends that first season didn’t exist? Adrienne doesn’t appear in the opening credits and she never gets a mention!)
anyway, why else? i guess i was still feeling sorry for myself about my swollen face… and fine, i admit it – i can be supremely lazy, especially when it comes to leaving the apt and taking the eL. i do love public transportation – i mean i love that exists and i love not having to deal with hassles/responsibilities of having a car… but when it comes to actually taking the eL/busses – yuck, you know what i mean?

whatever i’ll get back on track and get everything done (i hate to admit it but it really is easier for me to get motivated when i’m alone, having Bear home just kickin’ it on the couch makes me feel like doing nothing too!)

on the plus side, i’m getting sushi at greentea with Refried Bean after she gets out of class tonight.
and so far all i’ve had to eat today was some of the leftover chicken gratin w egg noodles and a piece of white bread!

AND Refried Bean and I are going to start working out together! she’s doing her student teaching so we both have non-trad schedules (compared to a 9to5 anyway) so it should work out well. we figure even if it’s just once or twice a week it will be an improvement on our current NADA!

(incidentally i haven’t used my nicotine nasal spray all day! it’s much easier to forget about titcompletely when i’m not at work! yay!)