so i CAN cook, but i don’t do it much
i like putting things together more than i like investing the time in really “cooking”

i have an interesting palate, i’m really good at making food that I will like – but i didn’t realize until i met Bear that other people might not like it too!
i guess my family was too scared of upsetting me, or they just didn’t notice that what i was making didn’t taste very good, or maybe i was more conservative back then (it couldn’t be that they were being nice on purpose, they’re not like that)
anyway ever since the first time I made dinner for Bear and I, I have been very sensitive about the palates of others (what was this horrific creation you may ask – tuna curry, nuff said)

this means that i am always more relaxed and happy when i’m making a meal for just myself, cooking for others makes me anxious

it’s especially easier to cook for just myself when i’m trying to eat healthy
Bear tries to keep it light, but he just doesn’t think about fruits and vegetables enough
whereas i try to sneak/shove them in anywhere possible
grilled fruits with whole wheat pancakes, double or triple the amount of peas in a dish, extra veggies on sandwiches, etc…

for example here’s what i had for lunch today:

i know it’s not a great pic but i wanted to show some kind of image.

i also wanted to talk about how to eat on a diet, while still trying to keep it cheap, healthy and tasty

i had a Boca burger on a hot dog bun (we had hot dog buns laying around that need to be eaten), and lettuce wraps.
I invented the lettuce wraps.

my first thought was – i should make a salad because i have two heads of “living lettuce”, which is Bibb, that i want to eat.
problem is, i don’t like salads
well to be frank i only like salads with creamy fatty dressings and cheeses and croutons
so i have to be more creative when it comes to eating my veggies raw

I also have 3 avocados that i REALLY want to eat before they go bad (i hate letting food go bad, it really pisses me off)

so then i thought about making guacamole
but i knew i’d end up eating a whole avocado and LOTS of chips if i did that

then i put the two together!
i know i like lettuce wraps and Bibb lettuce is perfect for that
and there’s no reason why you can’t just fill them with chunks of avocado
with 2 kinds of salsa, salt and a squirt of lime juice
then i stuck a single Fritos Scoops into each wrap (i had 5 total)

They were DELISH!

seriously, the tasty goodness of avocado and lime and salsa, with crunch from the lettuce and the chip!

i had a clementine orange to follow it all up.

so in one meal i had 3 servings of fruits and veggies (one serving = half cup, so i clementine, half an avocado, and 5 big lettuce leaves = 3 servings)

An AWESOME meal!

LUNCH caloric breakdown:

Boca Burgers Original, 1 serving(s) 100 cals
White Hot Dog Buns (1 bun), 1 serving 120 cals
Avocados, California (Haas), 0.5 fruit without skin and seeds 144 cals
Bib Lettuce, 5 leaf, large 10 cals
Salsa, 5 tbsp 22 cals
Clementine, 1 serving 35 cals
Ketchup, Heinz, 1 tbsp 15 cals
Yellow Mustard, 1 tsp or 1 packet 3 cals