in a shocking twist, my least favorite spice has become my savior!

FACT 1: ok, so i hate cinnamon
i don’t want to talk about it – i just don’t like it, i never have
i can handle it in certain settings, a sprinkle here and there, especially in savory dishes

FACT 2: i like coffee – really, i do
except, well, i like coffee doctored up with cream and sugar
i know there was a time when i drank it black but…
now when i pour a cup of joe i start looking for things to put in it
unfortunately those sweet creamy things have mucho calories
calories that i don’t really want to consume in liquid form – i like to eat and chew my calories, you know what i mean?

FACT 3: aside from Diet Coke, i HATE artificial sweeteners, JUST GROSS!

SO what does these three facts have to do with each other?

well, this morning i randomly tossed some cinnamon in my coffee, with a little milk
and PRESTO it’s wonderful!
no need for sugar!!!

i am truly saved.

i feel really good today. i am positive about the future and determined to enjoy this time of relaxation and unemployment. Refried Bean really is a fantastic friend – we had a wonderful dinner last night. She’s so great to talk to and i try really hard to be a good friend for her the way she is for me. She always reminds me that i’m a worthwhile person, she is totally supportive of my decision to quit my job and she thinks that i SHOULD take some time to decompress and recover from that job. and i TRUST her! because when she says it then i don’t have to feel guilty – i don’t feel like it’s just my selfish desires to do nothing.
i hope that she feels good about me too – i really like being there for her, i like listening to her stories (she’s student teaching right now), i like that we can talk about our boyfriends and our dieting attempts and our bodies and our families and silly stuff like how obnoxious camis with built-in shelf bras are and whether you can wear them with a regular bra underneath (you can)

OK that’s enough gushing. i’ve finished my multi-grain english muffin (100 cals) with a little peanut butter on one side and a little margarine and blackberry jam on the other. i’m drinking my heavenly coffee. it’s all good.