some shit went down

the time stamp on this post is correct and i am a leetle bit drunk
and it’s dark so my typos abound

bad news: they aren’t accepting new substitute teacher applications until mid-july

i was bummed out (but at least it got me out of the apt and walking around) and i did some other stuff on my list


my class for wed night was kinda interesting, the prof seemed pretty uptight. there were a bunch of people from a course we took last term, that was fun
i had a diet coke at the beginning of class so i was pretty outgoing and hyper

i may be switching to the same course with a different prof, because this chick and i may not get along… i dunno, i am pretty obnoxious i guess…
whatever (again)

so i texted Bear and reminded him that i wanted to watch top chef
i also told him that i had to POOP!
we are all about pooping and talking about it in this place

so i get home at like 7 minutes to 9 and i basically run to the bathroom (turtle-heading)
Bear is chillin in the couch in his PJs with a new sunburn from the Cubs game today

and he’s pissy

i don’t know why

so iu try to ask him why he’s pissy
“i’m fine, nothing’s wrong, why?” etc…

so then we go back and forth about whether i’m watching Top Chef in the living room (where Bear is watching some game) or in the bedroom

he insists that i watch in the living room
so i walk in, scoop up the remotes off the couch and sit down


i think he’s just mad because i took his seat
so i say fine whatever and i got to the bedroom to watch the show

verbal sparring ensues

then he convinces me to come back and watch in the living room

so i come back in, grab the remotes again and sit in the armchair

and he loses it AGAIN

so i just snap – i go put my shoes on, grab my coat and purse and backpack and storm out
i just don;t want to put up wioth his shit!!!

i walk about 3/4 mile to a gay bar/lounge where i know they’re showing Top Chef
and angrily text/talk to Bear all the way there

i arrive about halfway through the episode and its loud and there is a GORGEOUS drag queen performing lip sync during the commercials

i have a couple mango bellinis at the bar, order an appetizer of basically fried gruyere cheese with different aiolis and a pile of spinach, i give one of the 3 cheese fritters to the guy sitting next to me who it turns out is another performer at that club and a FABULOUS person

so i feel good because since lunch all i’ve had was a diet coke, 2 butter and 2 choc chip cookies, a couple bellinis and 2 cheese fritters – not so bad really

it was a pretty awesome time!

turns out the bartender chick is friends with Dale Levitski!!!
Shoulda-been-top-chef last season!!!
and he goes to that bar/lounge all the time (and i can understand why, the food is amazingly above-average!)
and this thing with Jack Mackenroth isn’t really serious because Dale is so busy opening his restaurant and Jack lives in NYC

so i’m gonna try really hard to run into Dale, wikthout beign stalkerish

so now i’m wathcing the episode by myself in the dark

i’m not loving the challenge

i liked the quickfire, although i wish they had defined “techniques” more specifically
and btdubs, why am i not surprised that Ryan didn’t stay long with Boulud? you know what i’m saying

these movies they picked suck for the most part…

there are so many good foodie movies

if any one of them had even MENTIONED


i would have worshipped them!!!
(best foodie movie ever made, a definite MUST SEE!!!)

Bear and I saw Richard Roeper at a hotel bar while waiting for a reservation time in the michigan ave area one time
he’s weirdlooking – not attractive really, but hard to deny

it would have been a better challenge if richard roeper had PICKED the movies and then they all watched them! forget letting them choose their inspiration – see what they can do from a new source!

well, maybe not…

whaterver these challenges are just getting weirder and weirder
i know Leanne is behind the scenes, she needs to tell them they’re being silly!

at least i did a lot of walking! and not a TON of eating/drinking…