Here is an approximation of the recipe for chile rellenos that Chef Raul from Fonda del Mar taught at a cooking class at the Treasure Island on Clybourn like 2 years ago…

Chile Rellenos (the essentials, from memory, from almost two years ago, at least the way Bear has made them since…)

There are two parts to this dish – the stuffed poblano peppers and a sort-of-pickled vegetable sauce/topping

The Pickles: Dissolve Mexican sugarcane into melted butter. Add balsamic vinegar. cook to thoroughly combine. Add sliced red onion, pepper strips and carrot strips. Cook for a couple minutes then remove from heat, cover and put in fridge (or flash-cool).

The Peppers: Roast the poblano peppers – either blistering over open flame or use grill pan (obviously remove insides). Soak peppers in the pickle juice made earlier while preparing the stuffing.
Cook chorizo in a pan, add chopped boiled potatoes and pan fry until they’ve soaked up the juices.
Stuff the poblanos with the chorizo and potato mixture, layering in grated chihuahua cheese.
Arrange poblanos in a dish and bake until soft.

Serve with cold pickle mixture on top!

It’s awesome! Spicy and sweet, hot and cold, grilled and baked and melty and crispy – delightful!

(my apologies to Chef Raul if this is nothing like the recipe he actually taught us – Bear claims to have a good memory for recipes! and at least you gained some VERY dedicated customers, even if we’ve butchered your recipe!)

Fonda del Mar is one of the best restaurants in the city. the atmosphere is so pleasant and the food is SO GOOD. I’m begging you to try it – and if you can splurge, get the chef’s tasting menu – they will treat you RIGHT!
They have really cool special flavored margaritas, some amazing moles, and an upsidedown pineapple cake that i have dreams about!

cute waiters, always a plus

the first courses Mo and I were served when we had the tasting menu – one a seafood and rice dish, the other a thick soup – almost like Mexican French Onion…

Mahi-mahi baked in a banana leaf with some seriously amazing mashed potatoes

Scallops in what in think of as their Signature Creamy Poblano sauce (also with their signature rice pyramid)

If these pics don’t make you want to hop on a bus and head over there right now then you have more willpower than I do!

and don’t forget the margaritas!