Outlaw on the left, Owl on the right

So on Saturday night, after attending the funeral of a 29 yr old family friend (whose death i wrote about previously), I decided to go out and get drunk.
Good call i thought, don’t you?

So i texted my favorite drinkin’ buddy, Outlaw, and plans were made.
Outlaw is a very private person, she’s also a lesbian who i’ve been friends with since freshman year of college, and we always have fun going out together because we both love darts and pool and meeting new people.

So we went to a dive-y country bar with a live band and a pool table – it’s a place we’ve hung out at for a couple years now.

And there’s this artist chillin’ at the bar, drawing.
we started chatting with him and he ended up offering to draw us – but we didn’t think we could sit still and pose for very long, so we asked if he could do superHOT bodies and then just stick our faces on top. He said, how about i make you superheroes? we said HELL YEAH!
and then i said, put us in the woods with some birds around and trees and shit.

and this was the result, which i ended up carrying around in a plastic bag while i made my way home and stopped by to wait in the endless line at the McDonald’s walk-up window (best big mac ever!)