so my dad is one of the cheapest men on the planet

the constant refrain during my childhood was “no, we can’t afford it”

what i learned later was that we could have, in fact, afforded it!
we are/were FAR from poor!

He had me fooled that miser!

Anyway around Christmas Papa Owl was not-so-subtley asking me if Bear had/was going to propose during the holiday season.
I said “no” but that it might not hurt to start saving money for the wedding because i thought it would probably happen by 2010.
Papa Owl then suggested that I try to have a wedding for under $2,000!!!
i laughed, i cried, i started sending emails that showed the average cost of a wedding in the Chicagoland area was at least $30,000
he cried, he denied, he started the account

I was surprise that he actually opened a new account to save for my wedding
it’s maybe the most fatherly thing he’s ever done for me
but i figured he was saving a hundred or so a month, no big deal

and THEN
he told me over the phone just now that he’s already got $11,000 in there!
and that’s just since January!!!

you could have knocked me over with a feather!
my cheapass father, the one who complains when you throw out unrecognizable leftovers, the one who saves EVERYTHING, the one who complains about buying $65 tickets to see Jersey Boys – he has saved $11,000 in 4 months just for my wedding?!! a one-day event?!! INCONCEIVABLE!!!!!!

i’m still shaking from the shock of it all