I tried to watch this whole episode but people just kept getting in the way – and i do start to feel a bit lame when i’m placing such a high priority on a television show (i think this is especially acute because i’m unemployed)

Anyway here are my notes on the first part of the Tailgating episode:

Spike in the cheffesional wearing that damn Dick Tracy hat again says he heard thru the grapevine that people don’t like him – must be those detective skills coming through the hat! keepin’ your ear to the streets, eh Spike?

Oh look, Lisa actually showered! (but eschews bra, damn, so close…)

Aw Dale wants to talk it out… but Lisa’s not lovin’ it
If i were here i might feel the same way… except cleaner and with more boob support

pairing beer with food? LAME

oh Spike, another damn hat

hmm, Dale’s pretzels – good instinct, bad result

what’s with all the fish/seafood? does it really pair well with beer?

LOVE Stephanie’s mussels with Hoegarden!

WHOA! Ryan just pulled out some crazy terms! Cripalette? Espalette?
Oh well, he’s got the loser’s edit already anyway

This hat of Spike’s is unbelievably bad – he would definitely win (or lose depending on your definition) in a bad hat contest against Malarkey!
what is this woven monstrosity with a frayed edge?

(to be continued IF i ever manage to see the end of the episode…)