here are my notes from the latest episode!

I see Andrew misses Ryan just as much as I do

Jen’s still “doing it for Zoi” – shocker!

oh god I want dessert NOW – oh sweet i have cupcakes in my backpack!

some pastry guy no one’s ever heard of, great…

way to plug the book, Padma, this is so silly

why make them do pastry? I am SO sick of this whole can the chefs do pastry nonsense! who cares if they can make dessert?!

LOVE Dale’s ‘tude about it

oh crazy Spike – making a souffle voluntarily!

OK, Nikki and Stephanie surprised me!

I really like Mark’s little pavlovas with wattle seed – keepin it real Aussie!
I really don’t understand that criticism at all

oh great, Richard wins – now we can all make banana scallops! Woohoo?…

I forget that they don’t do improv everywhere the way we do it here in Chitown

Haha, Mark is randomly catty about Richard wearing pink! (although to be honest it really doesn’t complement his skin tone)

Best Shot of the Ep – when they all immediately realize that when the actors ask for foods that this is going to be their challenge! praise the lord for smart reality TV contestants who catch on quick (not like those beauties on ANTM who can’t ever figure out TyraMail)

Oh-ho-ho they get to pick their own teams, nice

What is it about Mark? He’s such a lost little puppy

I wonder which Whole Foods that is – the one on Ashland & School maybe? I saw a sign in the background for “Free Garage Parking” and they have that there…

haha, love that you can hear someone laughing in the background of the cheffesional when Richard does his Seinfeld impression

Lisa is a stupid SNOB – there are plenty of kinds of sausage from Poland besides the typical ballpark treat… be more CREATIVE!

wow Spike is really growing on me – i kind of LIKE him now?!

Ha, Lisa called Richard “Blaise” – i wonder if he ever tried to make “Blaze” his nickname?

btdubs, we get it Jen – you’re gay and butch, we know, we know

Aww, Spike finally gets to make his soup! yay!

Hmm… is “encapture” really a word Jennifer?

(Bravo’s A-List Awards? LAME – let’s make up our own awards and give them to people only on our own network, genius!)

Jennifer seems different since Zoi left – more attractive almost? Or maybe it’s just because she’s totally getting the loser’s edit

It is weird to have a big block of tofu but Dale and Blaze are SO CUTE together!

“Magenta drunk Polish sausage” – damn, i might have to rename the blog! what a lovely phrase!

“no problem man, I’m not Polish!” – Fun Ted Allen is BACK!

Dale, Richard and Andrew have risen to the top FAST!

Lisa is SO ANGRY!

Bye-bye Jen, tell Zoi we said what’s up?
I wish they told us a little more about how they pick one person from the duo to go home…

Next week: Kid Chefs! YAY!!!