May 2008

so i declined the daycare job after all

why do i seem so determined to take jobs that i don’t want?
is it some inner compulsion to be employed?
is it a weird manifestation of self-loathing?

i am NOT going to take a job until i get offered one that i REALLY want

and on that note, i have a pretty cool interview tomorrow to be a companion/classroom aide to an 8-year-old autistic girl (starting with day camps this summer!)
and i’m still waiting to hear back from a recent interview at a tutoring facility
and i should be potentially getting invited to more interviews soon
so i’m happy


it’s at a home daycare facility

it’s not necessarily the job i wanted the most out of all the ones i’ve interviewed for
but it is the one i figured i would get offered

i took it, i start thursday
and if something else pops up then i may have to leave

it’s a chill place with a nice director and cute kids

but i really need to work with older kids if possible

so, yay! i guess?

my favorite part of our cookbook shelf in the pantry is my recipe file.
it makes me smile just realizing that i have a file folder with recipes that i printed from the internet, that i wrote notes on, that i re-use, to browse through and get inspiration from….

Man, i’ve always wanted to be a REAL cook!

tonight we’re making a chicken and stuffing casserole “bake” from a recipe in the spiral-bound book on that shelf. it’s one of Bear’s grandmother’s recipes, Mama Bear has been collecting the family recipes and copying them into this book for Bear. He’s had a long week so we’re making comfort food.

Incidentally, i was watching a random episode of 30-minute meals the other day in which R. Ray was making Monte Cristo sandwiches – you know the ham and cheese which you dip into beaten egg and then fry on the griddle?
anyway she said something inane about how this would work with any kind of sandwich blah blah grilled cheese and tomato blah blah blah…

and then i thought “huh, grilled cheese and tomato… that sounds awesome! and we have all those roma tomatoes on the vine i got at Costco… and that one beefsteak tomato from when we made fried green tomatoes that we let ripen and it needs to be eaten…”
so sufficed to say i’ve been eating variations on grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches all week!
my thoughts – the beefsteak tomato was the best because it was so firm and thick, and strong cheddar is the best cheese, and i like them with mayo (think like a BLT)
the best variation was when i split two toasted english muffins, spread two halves with a little liverwurst, put a slice of beefsteak tomato on top of all 4 halves, covered with tasty Tillamook cheddar and stuck them under the broiler til the cheese got bubbly – DELISH

so i have to give a shoutout to L Woods

this is the second year that my parents have taken us there for my birthday dinner and it never fails to deliver!
It’s a woodsy, wisconsin supper club, fish on the walls and lots of leather type of place and i love it.

Mom and I usually get one of the salmon dishes, while my Dad gets chicken or one of the specials, and Bear loves the peppercorn-crusted tenderloin tails

this is the BBQ’d salmon served on a cedar plank, surrounded by piped mashed potatoes with a side of fresh sweet corn. FABU!

they also have a gooey chocolate cake that you have to order 45 minutes in advance which is amazing! this year i decided to take pity on my cinnamon-lovin’ family and we got the Famous Apple Strudel and it was wonderful – especially with the pot of caramel sauce to pour all over it!

CAKES! from Dinkel’s!
Dinkel’s Bakery on Lincoln Ave has been providing my birthday cakes for as long as I can remember and my family loves them and of course Bear remembered so I got cakes!

notice the plural!!!
the above pictured cake was the “party cake” – a fudgy delicious treat with light and tasty frosting that was devoured post-haste

THIS is my Princess Cake

it’s so PINK! with strawberries and cream filling and encased in marzipan (and you never really see marzipan anymore do you? and i love that stuff!)
so yummers!

so last weekend was my 25th birthday and my amazing boyfriend and wonderful friends threw me a surprise party! I screamed like a little girl when i opened the door and bewildered just started hugging everybody in sight!

Bear bought a ton of potted plants for the decor so my porch garden has grown a ton!

He is so devious he somehow managed to make me think that it was my idea to go out to dinner with Refried Bean and a few other friends. Perhaps i should have been suspicious when so many people were too busy, said they’d meet up with us later, and so on…. but i am very gullible and trusting, plus i just thought nobody loves me 😦

So we went to Minnie’s! (btdubs, isn’t it SO awesome that they actually got as their URL? i’m always impressed by that kind of thing)

I LOVE Minnie’s! the mini-sammies, the mini-beers, and the incredible frites with the dipping sauce! seriously, you gotta go! and next time we’re having the mini-martinis for sure. plus it’s a super-cute retro diner vibe which i’m a sucker for.

My favorite sammies are the Tenderloin, the Thanksgiving Delight, the burger, the turkey burger, and the Minnie Club

look how cute that club sammie is!
(lots of people like the BBQ pork, but i thought i was “meh” – too sweet. and i’ve never tried the Cubano but i hear good things)

So dinner was excellent, the surprise party was a complete shock and a total rager – i had to kick people out around 4:00 am, after an awesome experiment called “Wine-Pong” which involved plastic cups, ping pong balls, and a bottle of Charles Shaw Sauvignon Blanc, and the next day barbecue complete with giant trough of ice and beers on the front porch was fabulous as well.

all in all, excellent birthday!

This is the last few bites of the THE BEST BURGER EVER!
Heartland Meats has a stand at the Green City Market in Chicago and this year they’ve added a new stall next door – a burger stall!
Fantastic beef, ramp aioli, specialty cheese and other seasonal goodies on the bun. The burgers are amazing, they take a while to cook and they aren’t cheap, but the prices on the raw meat are pretty reasonable and I think being able to sample the product will drive sales up.
Mama Owl took me to the first day of the market and it was quite lovely. Good cheeses, honey, preserves, and lots of plants!

and this is Ferny.
I bought Ferny when he was a little tiny baby. I bought him and his comrade at Lowe’s in Galesburg in spring of 2005 with budding artistic intentions.
I made an interesting sculpture piece with the other plant… it was cool but it didn’t go exactly as i’d planned and i ended up moving on to other projects.
So Ferny lived on my bookshelf in my campus apartment, and beyond belief he survived past graduation!
So i brought him home to the tender care of my mother and he has since trebled in size and continues to thrive.
She is trying to send him home with me now, but i am so attached to him that i’m too scared to take responsibility for him yet – is that weird?

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