it is a little GARDEN!

yep, Bear bought me a garden. first he told me i could plant stuff in the big cement planter, so i bought a couple plants. then he got home form work and said let’s go get more plants and stuff! YAY!
so we got pots and plants and dirt and we planted a little garden together! 🙂

Here’s the planter with a trailing/viney Sprengeri to hang over the side, a Plantain Lily “Crowned Imperial” on the left, and a Double Impatiens Fiesta – Ole` Purple Stripe

plus you can’t see them yet but we planted cilantro seeds in all the pots around the other plants – cilantro is very hardy and durable i hear

here’s another flower pot with a Sprengeri, and two Tuberous Begonias
this might be my favorite one right now

and then we have the salsa pots!

i call them the salsa pots because we have: Jalapenos on the right, 3 assorted hot peppers in the middle, and tomatoes on the left – all with cilantro seeds around the periphery!
Get it?! tomatoes, peppers and cilantro = salsa!
I’m going to attempt to get an avocado tree going as well – then we can have guacamole too!

We also planted a few mixed lettuce seeds in there just to see what happens!

I have to say I’m in love!
When i got out of bed this morning and saw my plants basking in the sun on the porch – oh! my heart jumped it was so pretty!

If we didn’t use that porch for parties and entertaining so much i’d be tempted to cover the whole porch with plants!

the next step is to cannibalize my mom’s extra planters and stuff from the garage!

this is SO much better than sitting in an office all day!