in the previouslies – on yeah producers! way to get one more use out of Andrew’s “culinary boner” soundbite

to counter Amuse-Biatch – proof that Stephanie may be straight! eyebrow plucking!!!

wow, Andrew’s got the loser’s edit so FAST

salad is NOT hard (oh no, don’t put the sexy back, please!) oh god they take it literally and all make “sexy” salads!
45 minutes is a long time to make a salad!

does Spike hate the top of his head?

“not great chefs and their attitudes suck” oh come ON Lisa! pot calling the kettles now girl!

Why is Sam a judge? Sure he’s hot, but come on! he didn’t even make it to the final 2! and doesn’t he work at a surf shack now? doesn’t that just sound like loads of fried foods?

NO NO NO! NO “sensual beef”!!!

Whoa, Richard’s on the bottom (which I’m guessing is NOT how he likes it)

that fast food looks GOOD
haha! calling out the baby cops on their bad eating habits!

Hey! the producers finally learned the meaning of the word “advantage”!
lucky Spike!

OK, Spike’s “strategy” is basically destined to fail

1) raw food sushi? for cops? um…. maybe Andrew deserves to lose…
2) to Stephanie – sushi ALWAYS fills me up!

I categorically refuse to comment on the “sabotage” issue

Spike’s Question of the Day is: do you like silly hats?

and my love for Spike grows ever stronger (even though he’s not that likeable…odd that)

We know, we know, Andrew is crewed, buh-bye

and he didn’t even use a whole grain! damn

this is another snoozer

i can’t stand how Padma talks sometimes

what’s different about Spike during judging? facial hair? or lack thereof?

you know if they sent Lisa home I wouldn’t miss her, but I don’t think it was so bad that she pointed out the judges’ precedent that people who don’t fulfill the rules of the challenge get sent home!

ha! Lisa is scared of getting punched?! look in a mirror girl, you’re terrifying! who would punch you?!

olives AND grapes in chicken salad does sound gross – just grapes in chicken salad i know i like, and just olives sounds potentially good, but together? um…ew….

Andrew had to go because of past precedent, but i will kind of miss him and his oompaloompa-ness!