so last weekend was my 25th birthday and my amazing boyfriend and wonderful friends threw me a surprise party! I screamed like a little girl when i opened the door and bewildered just started hugging everybody in sight!

Bear bought a ton of potted plants for the decor so my porch garden has grown a ton!

He is so devious he somehow managed to make me think that it was my idea to go out to dinner with Refried Bean and a few other friends. Perhaps i should have been suspicious when so many people were too busy, said they’d meet up with us later, and so on…. but i am very gullible and trusting, plus i just thought nobody loves me 😦

So we went to Minnie’s! (btdubs, isn’t it SO awesome that they actually got as their URL? i’m always impressed by that kind of thing)

I LOVE Minnie’s! the mini-sammies, the mini-beers, and the incredible frites with the dipping sauce! seriously, you gotta go! and next time we’re having the mini-martinis for sure. plus it’s a super-cute retro diner vibe which i’m a sucker for.

My favorite sammies are the Tenderloin, the Thanksgiving Delight, the burger, the turkey burger, and the Minnie Club

look how cute that club sammie is!
(lots of people like the BBQ pork, but i thought i was “meh” – too sweet. and i’ve never tried the Cubano but i hear good things)

So dinner was excellent, the surprise party was a complete shock and a total rager – i had to kick people out around 4:00 am, after an awesome experiment called “Wine-Pong” which involved plastic cups, ping pong balls, and a bottle of Charles Shaw Sauvignon Blanc, and the next day barbecue complete with giant trough of ice and beers on the front porch was fabulous as well.

all in all, excellent birthday!