so i have to give a shoutout to L Woods

this is the second year that my parents have taken us there for my birthday dinner and it never fails to deliver!
It’s a woodsy, wisconsin supper club, fish on the walls and lots of leather type of place and i love it.

Mom and I usually get one of the salmon dishes, while my Dad gets chicken or one of the specials, and Bear loves the peppercorn-crusted tenderloin tails

this is the BBQ’d salmon served on a cedar plank, surrounded by piped mashed potatoes with a side of fresh sweet corn. FABU!

they also have a gooey chocolate cake that you have to order 45 minutes in advance which is amazing! this year i decided to take pity on my cinnamon-lovin’ family and we got the Famous Apple Strudel and it was wonderful – especially with the pot of caramel sauce to pour all over it!