my favorite part of our cookbook shelf in the pantry is my recipe file.
it makes me smile just realizing that i have a file folder with recipes that i printed from the internet, that i wrote notes on, that i re-use, to browse through and get inspiration from….

Man, i’ve always wanted to be a REAL cook!

tonight we’re making a chicken and stuffing casserole “bake” from a recipe in the spiral-bound book on that shelf. it’s one of Bear’s grandmother’s recipes, Mama Bear has been collecting the family recipes and copying them into this book for Bear. He’s had a long week so we’re making comfort food.

Incidentally, i was watching a random episode of 30-minute meals the other day in which R. Ray was making Monte Cristo sandwiches – you know the ham and cheese which you dip into beaten egg and then fry on the griddle?
anyway she said something inane about how this would work with any kind of sandwich blah blah grilled cheese and tomato blah blah blah…

and then i thought “huh, grilled cheese and tomato… that sounds awesome! and we have all those roma tomatoes on the vine i got at Costco… and that one beefsteak tomato from when we made fried green tomatoes that we let ripen and it needs to be eaten…”
so sufficed to say i’ve been eating variations on grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches all week!
my thoughts – the beefsteak tomato was the best because it was so firm and thick, and strong cheddar is the best cheese, and i like them with mayo (think like a BLT)
the best variation was when i split two toasted english muffins, spread two halves with a little liverwurst, put a slice of beefsteak tomato on top of all 4 halves, covered with tasty Tillamook cheddar and stuck them under the broiler til the cheese got bubbly – DELISH