This is the last few bites of the THE BEST BURGER EVER!
Heartland Meats has a stand at the Green City Market in Chicago and this year they’ve added a new stall next door – a burger stall!
Fantastic beef, ramp aioli, specialty cheese and other seasonal goodies on the bun. The burgers are amazing, they take a while to cook and they aren’t cheap, but the prices on the raw meat are pretty reasonable and I think being able to sample the product will drive sales up.
Mama Owl took me to the first day of the market and it was quite lovely. Good cheeses, honey, preserves, and lots of plants!

and this is Ferny.
I bought Ferny when he was a little tiny baby. I bought him and his comrade at Lowe’s in Galesburg in spring of 2005 with budding artistic intentions.
I made an interesting sculpture piece with the other plant… it was cool but it didn’t go exactly as i’d planned and i ended up moving on to other projects.
So Ferny lived on my bookshelf in my campus apartment, and beyond belief he survived past graduation!
So i brought him home to the tender care of my mother and he has since trebled in size and continues to thrive.
She is trying to send him home with me now, but i am so attached to him that i’m too scared to take responsibility for him yet – is that weird?