June 2008

    My Goals

Go From 238 to 154 by 4/19/2009
Consume between 1210 and 1560 calories per day
Burn 1370 calories per week

The reason my goal weight is 154 is because that is the highest weight I can be and have a BMI in the “healthy/normal” category. i figured that’s a reasonable goal.

As some of you may know, my goal is to be at least 80% perfect. Apparently the persistence to keep going even when one has a slip-up or two is what really determines weight loss success (also apparently why men are betting at dieting then women….)

i am not giving up alcoholic beverages all together, but i try to plan for it and ration myself – for instance this evening i am attending a lesbian bachelorette party where i will be consuming many whiskey & diet cokes (around 68 cals each) so i have been pretty careful not to splurge today so far and will try to fill up on a huge veggie salad before we go out.

I’m hoping that focusing on exercise this time around will help me maintain my momentum and drive, because i finally discovered that working out really does make me feel good!


*You’ve gone over your weekly calories burned goal by a significant amount. This will not change your calories eaten goal automatically. If you’d like, you can change your fitness settings here.

found out i LIKE seaweed salad tonight!

went to a new sushi place in my bro’s hood called Coast
tried to avoid rolls with mayo
got small salmon and avocado, and a special Maine roll (lobster and veg… later realized had ginger mayo)
tried a piece of my bro’s AMAZING sweet potato tempura roll
also loved sis-in-law’s seaweed salad
so when they ordered another roll to share, i got my own seaweed salad!
and it was good!

this place rocked the casbah!

so as you may have noticed, i’m working on a lifestyle change to become healthier, i.e. lose weight and get fit.
so far this seems like a promising attempt.

i had a small triumph last night when Outlaw an I went to see my Little Buddy’s band play at the Elbo Room. We partook of some relaxing greens before we left, stopped for a drink and some darts and then headed to the show. The boys were great and I was able to pleasantly nurse one whiskey and diet coke for the whole set.
After the show we were STARVING and there was a taqueria on the way to the eL stop.
so we went in.
I wasn’t TOO worried because I knew I had almost 500 calories left for the day (minus 1 MGD 64 and 2 whiskey&diets = about 300)
But Mexican food is one of my weaknesses! and this place smelled SO GOOD

Still I stayed strong – I ordered 2 chicken tacos on corn tortillas with no cheese and no sour cream. I felt a little weird ordering like that… but we were in lincoln park so i can’t be the first chick on a diet to waltz through the door.

and they were GOOD! I added more of their homemade salsa and it moistened everything and the tortillas were so fresh and clearly handmade!

We’re going back!

so i had promised myself i’d do at least 30 minutes of working out this morning
but there’s a Project Runway season 3 marathon on Bravo
so i didn’t want to pop in my Hip Hop Dance Mix DVD and miss it!
and I have finally admitted that I hate my Gazelle
(already have a buyer from craigslist scheduled to get it on Sunday)
and I’m getting a little manual treadmill, but not til tomorrow
so what’s a girl to do?

i contemplated not working out at all
while i sat on the couch in my sports bra and lounge pants
but i really want to do it right this time
and i kind of like working out… at least this week…

and then *lightbulb*
what is a treadmill? walking without going anywhere, right?
Well fuck it, I can do that on my own!

so interwebs, i admit it – i just spent the past 30 minutes marching in place, throwing in some of the aerobic hip-hip moves i remember, and jogging around my apartment during the commercials. i danced a bit, goofed around with it, felt silly, but i didn’t stop for the whole 30 minutes! and i was sweating! and i did it all by myself!

i know it’s weird, but i feel really good about myself
because now i know that i really can workout with solely my own initiative and determination
i don’t “have” to have a DVD to watch or equipment to use – although they’re nice and i’m still going to use them
BUT i can do it by myself!

have i found my own motivation?
i sure hope so!

(btw i’m sure i looke totally ridiculous!)

ok, so it doesn’t taste “great” but…

for only 64 calories and like 2 carbs, it’s good enough!

7 Habits of People Who Lose Weight and Keep it Off

1) Expect failure, but keep trying
2) Don’t deny yourself
3) Weigh yourself often
4) Exercise regularly
5) Find ways to add little bits of physical activity into your daily routine
6) Eat a high carbohydrate, low fat diet
7) Eat about five meals a day starting with breakfast

– from “CNN Presents: Fat Chance” based on research by Dr. Jim Hill, Director, Center for Human Nutrition, University of Colorado

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