turned in my final project tonight
not much of a relief since my online courses have already started and i’m already behind but i don’t have the books yet so…

anyway i wrote a really cool unit – it’s the “create your own colonial newspaper unit”
combines journalism, media studies, and the events from the Pilgrims til the shot heard ’round the world.
i’m getting an A for sure

Bear has gone a little nuts with furniture acquisitions
our next door neighbors are moving and selling their stuff for CHEAP
Bear is a furniture junkie!
i suppose it could be worse…

and my Little Buddy is living with us for the summer
used to babysit him and his little brothers
now we debate art forms while i drink beer and Amadeus is on in the background

btdubs, how about a shout-out for Amadeus, huh?

Grandpa is NOT happy about his new life restrictions
and waiting to have more surgery, plus feeling weak, has apparently made him cranky
and when he’s cranky then Nana is sad
so looks like i’ll be going out there for an extended visit this summer
i can drive them around, diffuse situations, cook and clean
i probably know more about cooking healthy low-salt low-fat meals than Nana does anyway…

i’m very concerned still