it’s the coolest pice of furniture i’ve ever seen
like a double-wide chaise lounge

but my little buddy moved in with us for the summer (a 20-yr-old who i used to babysit… out families are friends and he has two younger brothers… he’s the closest thing i have to a little brother, and we’ve stayed tight throughout the years… now he attends the same college i did, and his dad actually teaches there now too)
so Little Buddy is sleeping in my room which we put a futon in and a new dresser

our next door neighbors moved back to Texas yesterday
and they sold Bear a ton of their furniture piece by piece, for rock-bottom prices
so we have a new leather couch, 2 lovely armchairs, a king size bed with beautyrest mattress and box springs, a huge armoire, a giant TV, a gorgeous dresser, and 2 end tables
the apartment is packed full but it’s just for the summer

i’ll post pics as soon as we get everything cleaned up