so as you may have noticed, i’m working on a lifestyle change to become healthier, i.e. lose weight and get fit.
so far this seems like a promising attempt.

i had a small triumph last night when Outlaw an I went to see my Little Buddy’s band play at the Elbo Room. We partook of some relaxing greens before we left, stopped for a drink and some darts and then headed to the show. The boys were great and I was able to pleasantly nurse one whiskey and diet coke for the whole set.
After the show we were STARVING and there was a taqueria on the way to the eL stop.
so we went in.
I wasn’t TOO worried because I knew I had almost 500 calories left for the day (minus 1 MGD 64 and 2 whiskey&diets = about 300)
But Mexican food is one of my weaknesses! and this place smelled SO GOOD

Still I stayed strong – I ordered 2 chicken tacos on corn tortillas with no cheese and no sour cream. I felt a little weird ordering like that… but we were in lincoln park so i can’t be the first chick on a diet to waltz through the door.

and they were GOOD! I added more of their homemade salsa and it moistened everything and the tortillas were so fresh and clearly handmade!

We’re going back!