so i had promised myself i’d do at least 30 minutes of working out this morning
but there’s a Project Runway season 3 marathon on Bravo
so i didn’t want to pop in my Hip Hop Dance Mix DVD and miss it!
and I have finally admitted that I hate my Gazelle
(already have a buyer from craigslist scheduled to get it on Sunday)
and I’m getting a little manual treadmill, but not til tomorrow
so what’s a girl to do?

i contemplated not working out at all
while i sat on the couch in my sports bra and lounge pants
but i really want to do it right this time
and i kind of like working out… at least this week…

and then *lightbulb*
what is a treadmill? walking without going anywhere, right?
Well fuck it, I can do that on my own!

so interwebs, i admit it – i just spent the past 30 minutes marching in place, throwing in some of the aerobic hip-hip moves i remember, and jogging around my apartment during the commercials. i danced a bit, goofed around with it, felt silly, but i didn’t stop for the whole 30 minutes! and i was sweating! and i did it all by myself!

i know it’s weird, but i feel really good about myself
because now i know that i really can workout with solely my own initiative and determination
i don’t “have” to have a DVD to watch or equipment to use – although they’re nice and i’m still going to use them
BUT i can do it by myself!

have i found my own motivation?
i sure hope so!

(btw i’m sure i looke totally ridiculous!)