My Goals

Go From 238 to 154 by 4/19/2009
Consume between 1210 and 1560 calories per day
Burn 1370 calories per week

The reason my goal weight is 154 is because that is the highest weight I can be and have a BMI in the “healthy/normal” category. i figured that’s a reasonable goal.

As some of you may know, my goal is to be at least 80% perfect. Apparently the persistence to keep going even when one has a slip-up or two is what really determines weight loss success (also apparently why men are betting at dieting then women….)

i am not giving up alcoholic beverages all together, but i try to plan for it and ration myself – for instance this evening i am attending a lesbian bachelorette party where i will be consuming many whiskey & diet cokes (around 68 cals each) so i have been pretty careful not to splurge today so far and will try to fill up on a huge veggie salad before we go out.

I’m hoping that focusing on exercise this time around will help me maintain my momentum and drive, because i finally discovered that working out really does make me feel good!