isn’t that pasta cute? it’s called Mezzi Rigatoni, I got two boxes of it in a 6-box value pack from Costco.

So I read Pioneer Woman’s Pasta Primavera recipe
then i tried to scale down the calories
i had some pretty little summer squashes from the green city farmer’s market and a bunch of other veggies laying around so i started by cooking those up.
then i used vegetable stock and milk to make a low-cal sauce (i added a little roux and cornstarch to thicken it up)
i finished the dish with fresh basil picked right off my plants!

i really like the taste of pasta with light sauces and good veggies. I added chopped fresh tomato on top of mine to add more flavor. So I thought it was great and it’s good cold too!
Bear was a little less enthused since he likes a lot more strong flavors and heavy sauces, but he added some extra garlic salt and red pepper and then he was happy with it.