(aside: just realized that i missed a project runway season 1 marathon today! BOO!!! came home and the second to last ep is on! i must get the first 4 seasons on DVD!)

so i got up early this morning after a fantastic night at the Cubs game, we sat in the bleachers and Bear caught a home run which a couple peeps saw on the tv, sweet!
i took my niece to breakfast while Bro and Sis got an early ultrasound for the new baby!
it’s about an inch long right now and the sonogram pics basically look like a little hamster. apparently there’s a few months when all mammal-fetuses (fetii?) look basically the same…
Twiggy and I had a fantastic time at Louie’s Grill in Forest Park, she had fruit loops (froot?) and I had some seriously great pancakes and delicious sausage. I was very impressed, with coffee the total was $10!

this is Twiggy enjoying her Froot Loops with the required 3 spoons, one bowl and one plate.


I can’t stop thinking about those pancakes – they were gorgeous, light and buttery with the perfect texture. and the sausage – snapped smartly, spiced well, nice and porky, definitely not frozen standard stuff. this place beats Golden Nugget for sure!


then we all went back to their place and spent some time cleaning and organizing. this is my latest summer project and i must say it’s going pretty well. it’s amazing how much stuff they have and how much we get rid of every time i go over there!

Then we went to lunch at Irazu, a Costa Rican restaurant near their apartment. It’s AWESOME!
Here’s my brother’s Palmito salad:

see the hearts of palm? and the avocado? and the shredded cabbage? so tasty!






here’s my vegetarian sandwich – a really awesome crusty bread roll, spiced up black beans, cabbage, avocado, tomato and Lizano sauce – so good!






My sister-in-law swears by the Aveda (oatmeal) shake. I don’t understand their shakes, but a lot of people like them – there’s no ice cream in them so I think they’re more like smoothies but they are made with milk so… Everything else I’ve ever had there has been really interesting and tasty – lots of yucca and plantains as well as a different twist on the rice and beans classics.

Then my brother and I went to see Gonzo: The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson at the Landmark Century Cinema. First off, I just love that theatre! Always pleasant people working there, nice clean spacious bathrooms, comfortable seats, clean theatres, never too cold, and the highest quality previews – plus they have an array of gourmet seasonings and salts to put on your popcorn!

The movie was pretty much awesome. They covered his whole life in a mostly chronological way, including his campaign for sheriff of Aspen, CO and his decision to end his own life. I wish there had been more about his childhood, but it was a really well done documentary. The film was visually interesting with some cool tricks, and Johnny Depp narrating and reading passages from Thompson’s books onscreen. The footage from his funeral was moving as well as hearing his son repeat the legend that Thompson began shaving his head during the sheriff campaign so he could refer to his competitor (a staid middle-aged man) as his “long-haired opponent”.
I was reminded at the end of how sad I was when Thompson shot himself. Not very long after the second-most-depressing presidential election of my, or potentially any other, lifetime in this country. Already depressed by the state of the world, to lose our greatest voice, our greatest critic, and to realize that the American Dream had been negated so fully in his mind that even Thompson himself had given up… well, it was a very sad time.