so as i’ve mentioned i went a little crazy last weekend with the smoking and the drinking and obviously the food consumption pairs well with those.
and so I gained weight.

I went to the doctor yesterday and I’m up to 239 lbs!

So I asked my doctor a few questions and we talked for awhile and I came away with 2 nice pieces of info:
1) When you reach your plateau weight, you should just accept it. If you’re eating less than 2,000 calories a day and exercising at least 30 minutes a day for 3-5 days a week and you stop losing weight then THAT is your body’s natural weight and you should just learn to love it.
2) This BMI stuff is bunk. (i knew it!) The more recent research shows that people with a BMI of 30 are actually healthier than those with a BMI of 25, even though 25-30 is considered overweight! Plus BMI doesn’t take into account differences of body type or genetics (my doctor indirectly eluded to the fact that some women just have larger breasts and hips)

So I’m back on track but with new goals!

1. My new goal weight, at least to start, is 185 lbs! This would give me a BMI of 29.9. Throughout college I bounced around between 162 lbs to 188 lbs, so I figure my plateau/maintenance weight is somewhere in that range and i’ll re-evaluate once i get to the initial goal of 185 lbs.
2. With the helpful reminders from some friends of how happy i had been with my all-fruit breakfasts in the past, I re-read Skinny Bitch last night and have resolved to go back to a modified version of their plan.
3. So, Fruit for breakfast (3 servings at the most, with decaf herbal tea). Vegetables for lunch, with perhaps a small serving of protein or carbs or more fruit (i like my salads with nuts, fruit and croutons). And a reasonable dinner – 3 oz serving of lean protein, more veggies, and some whole-grains.
4. Skinny Bitch would like you to become a vegan, but I’m just not there yet (in part because the faux-meat products are so pricey! maybe when i get a job…) HOWEVER I am officially giving up dairy! It’s high-fat and full of hormones and antibiotics and loaded with calories – in fact breast milk of any kind is intended to cause extreme growth in a short period of time, like growing a 90 lb calf into a 2,000 lb cow in just two years! (i am going to stick with eggs, with a focus on egg whites) I’ve basically given up cheese before because it is so high fat and high calorie, and I don’t like milk nor yogurt that much anyway, so the only hard part will be giving up ice cream and baked goods, which i probably should give up anyway because i tend to overeat these items.

So according to SparkPeople I should be able to get down to 185 lbs by mid-January (that’s only 6 months!)
(it’s funny to think that i’ll be losing weight while my sister-in-law will be gaining weight for the baby! maybe we can trade clothes!)

btw my handle on sparkpeople is barred.owl if anyone out there wants to befriend me or check out my progress (on sparkpeople others can check out what you’ve been eating and so forth)