so yesterday i spent the afternoon with Sis-in-law and Twiggy, cleaning and organizing their house, and then my mother (who has chosen “Netty” as her grandmother-name) picked us all up and we went to Costco! yay!
here’s what i got for like $70:

from left to right: thinaddictives pistachio cookie things, 6 heads of romaine, 1 lb tomatoes, pretzels, suzie’s flatbreads (awesome cracker-like things that are lower in fat and whole grain), a pineapple, some whole grain ciabatta rolls, canned chicken, cenned tuna, 3 lbs bananas, 4 lbs strawberries

then we went back to Netty’s house and she made dinner (she’s been embracing a real healthy diet for a couple years now, she started on the Sonoma Diet and is now on sparkpeople)

this is salmon with a fresh pesto-like sauce


and here’s the whole meal

steamed brussels sprouts, cantelope, and cherry tomatoes and goat cheese to mix into brown rice with extra grains, plus the salmon. (that’s my mom’s hand in there btw).

It was wonderful and the whole meal was about 500 calories.