so i spent wednesday night at Roscoe’s drinking fabulous $12 pitchers of margaritas with a delightful school chum of mine.
After re-naming ourselves in honor of Suede, I will be henceforth known as Jersey and my best gay buddy will be called Sequin.
I found the premiere to be a little blah honestly… i hate to say it but DAMN!
(except Korto who i have picked for the final 3)

After the episode, and a couple of pitchers, Sequin and I decided that clearly the people at Bravo need some help, since they decided to recycle a first season challenge for the premiere. (holla at ya girl Miss Scarlett!)
So here are our suggestions, in no particular order:

Bumpity Bump: Using their favorite outfits from their first trimester, designers will create outfits for ladies in their third trimester.

You’re Screwed: Send the designers to Lowe’s for outfit materials! We thought swimsuits could be fun for this one…

Give My Regards: Designers will be given brief character descriptions from a new Broadway show, pitch their ideas for 3 costumes to the show’s head costume designer, the best designs will be picked, they become the team leaders and each team creates the 3 costumes!

Delightfully Tacky: Well, they’ve done the USPS… and they did flight attendants on Project Catwalk… Time to do HOOTERS! Give those girls a new look!

Flannel No More: Making over lesbians, ’nuff said

Junior Miss Pageant: Making formal gowns for pre-teen/teen pageant girls! (audience favorite points to whomever’s model cries the most!)

Puppy Love: Make an outfit for an intimate date night using materials from FAO Schwartz

Pretty in Pink: For the men’s wear challenge, we would like to see the designers make going out outfits for super-trendy gay men

Pop Rocks: Another team challenge, designers will pitch ideas to a young hot pop star for their next music video! The chosen designers become team leaders and create 3 featured looks for the video (they will have of course heard the song and heard about the story/concept for the video).

Amazing Grace: Create outfits for a church fashion show, let the congregation’s votes affect the outcome!

Will You Be My Model?: Designers have to hit the streets to find their own model and then create an outfit for that average person to replace the one they were wearing when recruited (so business casual if headed to work, or a cocktail look if headed out for drinks, etc…) This is my FAVORITE one!

So what do you think? Do you have any ideas?