so Sequin and I, Jersey Knit, had another fabulous evening watching Project Runway in Boystown
This time we managed to finish about 1.5 pitchers of margaritas during the episode so progress was definitely made.

We were so glad that ruffle dress girl Emily got sent home because that dress was pure FUG. The best part was when her dress walked down the runway and they showed her picture and i said “it would be a lot better if she had done flat stripes or something instead of ruffles” and Sequin and I also concluded that the dress itself should have had more movement in it, like a swingy skirt with bright streaks going through it or something… and then when it was Judging Time Nina said the exact same thing!!!

in other news and reviews:

Blayne totally surprised us! his picture was such a neon rainbow riot that we gasped in fear of what he would make but this:

was actually kind of fierce!

sweet little Jennifer… we didn’t think this was so bad actually

sure it’s conservative, not too sexy… reminds me of Charlotte from Sex in the City, like going out to dinner or the symphony and not the clubs

and seriously I can’t for the life of me picture Joe in my mind, but i remember loving this dress, except i was concerned about the little train thing in the back…

I had called the Loser’s Edit on Keith early in the episode and I certainly didn’t waver when i saw this piece of “serious ugly” walking down the runway

and also, this model needs to calm down a bit, you can almost see the desperation in that pose sweetie

Kenley, girl, your designs have been pretty darn good but on the real – no way this weirdness would have won if you hadn’t had the FIERCEST model in the history of the show!

Shannone – just keep doing what you do so well!

I don’t know what to say about Leanne – the dress seemed really boring, but Sequin and I figured that it must have looked better on the runway than for the camera… we did agree that the styling of the model was perfect though, and that Karalyn is another model to watch for sure!

after the show we did karaoke, including a couple numbers picked by some of our new friends… yes okay i admit it, we sang for shots! it was a brilliant brainwave on my part, at least it seemed so at the time…
I believe Sequin kept track but from what i can remember we sang: I Want It That Way by the Backstreet Boys, Hey Mickey, Truly Madly Deeply by Savage Garden, and to my deep utter delight one of our new friends chose “Picture” by Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow
I also did a solo rendition of “Mercedes Benz”

oh AND I got hit on! TWICE! by straight men!! in a gay bar!!!

and did you know that i’m an awesome dancer?!!

what a great night…